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18 Taichung nightclub is a racist class-conscious and snob place.

I just arrived home from 18 Taichung night club. I’m so angry about what i experienced there i need to write it dow and share it with you. I was there with some taiwanese friends, guys and girls. We made all the queue. It was “lady’s night” , so girls were not paying. When some of my male friends tried to cross the door, the doorkeeper stopped them and told them the club was full, so they couldn’t go in without booking. The problem is 3 minutes later a group of foreigners (they were talking german, blond, blue eyes, good looking) went in.
Then I suddenly understood. I stopped one of them and ask him if they had a reservation. Do you guess what he answered? “NO”, of course. The german guys were using tshirt, old jeans and sport shoes, so their look was totally casual. Like my friends’. The difference? Germans are foreigners, laowai, and they look like people in the movies. My friends are not tall, they wear glasses, and they don’t try to look like a fashion stupid korean singer. Just normal nice people, too normal for 18 Taichung Nightclub, who only accept girls, foreigners, and some kind of taiwanese guys. The message is clear: It you are a foreigner, you are always cool, but if you are taiwanese, only sometimes (you are cool if you dress up like a New York hiphop singer, for example, but you are not cool if you don’t use DragonBall harstyle). So: 18 Taichung nightclub is a racist class-conscious and snob place.
Here is their facebook group, if you want to check:

If you want to dance there, better be a girl, a foreigner or ask them advise for your look. The club is in Taichung, but they pretend to be in New York!

Not Taiwanese people or foreigners in Taiwan shouldn’t accept this.